G8 Sea Island Ending The Cycle Of Famine In The Horn Of Africa, Raising Agricultural Productivity, And Promoting Rural Development In Food Insecure Countries: Action Plan

Sectors : Agricultural investment and production, Aid volume, Regional trade, Food security
Organisation : G8
Date made: 
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Commitments in: Agriculture - Agricultural investment and production

“• We will facilitate regional economic integration and debt relief to mitigate threats of famine and strengthen rural economies as has occurred in other regions of Africa. We will coordinate our trade capacity building assistance to support Ethiopia's full integration into the COMESA Free Trade Agreement as soon as feasible and stand ready to assist Ethiopia in its negotiations to join the WTO.”

Regional Africa/International

“... Acting individually and collectively, G8 members will:...

...• Promote increased use of local and regional commercial markets to meet food needs in famine prone countries and reduce dependence on food aid.”

Regional Africa/International