G8 Sea Island Plan of Support for Reform

Sectors : Education capacity, Primary and basic education
Organisation : G8
Date made: 
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Commitments in: Education - Primary and basic education

“1.3 Enhance support for efforts in the region, including through the appropriate multilateral institutions, to impart literacy skills to an additional 20 million people by 2015 with the aim of assisting governments in the region to achieve their objective of halving the illiteracy rate over the next decade (a target consistent with a goal of the January 2004 Beirut Conference on Education for All) including by:
• Training teachers in techniques, including on-line learning, that enhance the acquisition of literacy skills among school-aged children, especially girls, and of functional literacy skills among adults;

• Working to train, including through appropriate multilateral institutions, 100,000 teachers by 2009, with a particular focus on high-quality literacy skills;

• Providing teacher training through existing institutions and employing guidelines established in the “Education for All” program administered by UNESCO;

• Setting up and maintaining a regional network for sharing experience and best practices;

• Expanding and improving education opportunities for girls and women, including by providing assistance to help local communities have access to learning centers and schools;

• Supporting community-based, demand-led adult literacy programs and programs outside the formal education system that couple literacy courses with lessons on health, nutrition, and entrepreneurial skills.”

Regional Africa