Cairo Declaration on Population & Development, ICPPD 1994

Sectors : Gender and social development, Primary and basic education, Maternal health, reproductive health and infant mortality
Organisation : UN
Date made: 
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Commitments in: Gender - Gender and social development

“5. ...We therefore commit ourselves, as elected representatives of the people, to do our utmost to remove all remaining barriers in our countries that inhibit access to family planning services, information and education, as well as to help support the provision of reproductive health and family planning services as widely as possible...

...7. ...We therefore strongly support the education goals set forth in the ICPD Programme of Action as adopted in Cairo, and commit ourselves to removing all legal, social and cultural barriers in our countries that discriminate against women and prevent their full participation in society, including in public and political life...”


“11.We therefore pledge to work to enact legislation to increase domestic funding for population and development programmes, as appropriate, and call upon the international community to provide the resources required to implement activities to reach the goals and objectives of the Programme of Action...

...13. We hereby pledge to translate our personal commitment into political action as set forth in this Declaration, both in our national legislatures and elsewhere, as appropriate, and to encourage others to join us in meeting this urgent challenge.”