United Nations World Summit Outcome, New York, 14-16 September 2005

Sectors : Energy, Climate change - general
Organisation : UN
Date made: 
Heads Of State
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Commitments in: Infrastructure - Energy

“60. ... We therefore commit ourselves to:

...(d) Promoting and supporting greater efforts to develop renewable sources of energy, such as solar, wind and geothermal;”


Commitments in: Climate Change - Climate change - general

“50. We face serious and multiple challenges in tackling climate change, promoting clean energy, meeting energy needs and achieving sustainable development, and we will act with resolve and urgency in this regard.

53. ...We are committed to moving forward the global discussion on long-term cooperative action to address climate change, in accordance with these principles...

...55. We are committed to taking further action through practical international cooperation, inter alia:
(a) To promote innovation, clean energy and energy efficiency and conservation; improve policy, regulatory and financing frameworks; and accelerate the deployment of cleaner technologies;
(b) To enhance private investment, transfer of technologies and capacity building to developing countries, as called for in the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation, taking into account their own energy needs and priorities;
(c) To assist developing countries to improve their resilience and integrate adaptation goals into their sustainable development strategies, given that adaptation to the effects of climate change due to both natural and human factors is a high priority for all nations, particularly those most vulnerable, namely, those referred to in article 4.8 of the Convention;
(d) To continue to assist developing countries, in particular small island developing States, least developed countries and African countries, including those that are particularly vulnerable to climate change, in addressing their adaptation needs relating to the adverse effects of climate change.”